Dark times

Dark times :: Tuesday Nov 15, 2016 :: Comments [57]

Self-explanatory. New York City.
Selfportrait as GMO consumer

Selfportrait as GMO consumer :: Friday Sep 23, 2016 :: Comments [21]

Playing with a smart phone app. called Mirror Lab. Somerset, NJ.
Shimmering playground

Shimmering playground :: Saturday Sep 12, 2015 :: Comments [82]

Another year, another smart phone...I switched to Android, because of a carrier issue. Unfortunately, the camera is not nearly as good as on the iPhone. But once in a while, I do get lucky and catch something I enjoy, like this. Like the saying goes "the best camera is the one you take with you." I was excited to try snapseed for Android with this shot, and very disappointed to find its...
NYC street guts

NYC street guts :: Tuesday Jul 30, 2013 :: Comments [2]

I came across this construction site and liked the voyeuristic viewpoint through the fence. As a New Yorker, we're always aware of the "danger that lurks beneath": Broken water mains, leaky gas lines, etc. This is another iPhone shot edited with Nik Software's snapseed . I just learned that Google bought Nik, and while the iOS and Android versions of snapseed are still available for...
NYC Chopper

NYC Chopper :: Sunday Aug 12, 2012 :: Comments [0]

Another iPhone shot edited with Nik Software's snapseed . Both of these tools have re-awakened my previously dormant creativity. To be able to shoot and edit right on the iPhone has been really fun. Now if there only was a pixyblog app... ! West 27th St., New York City.
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