1. What an excellent shot… great light in there. How did you come across this scene? Was it set-up like this when you got here; stiletto and all… asking coz I’m curious. Really like this!

  2. Thanks, Richard, for “outing” me…! The stiletto wasn’t in that position, but it WAS there, just a few feet away, and everything else was just as pictured.
    Given that I didn’t introduce any “foreign” objects into the scene, I feel it was ok to do it.
    It’s an interesting topic in the digital age, I feel; you may have heard about the case where a nature photographer cloned a few extra lion cubs into a photo of his…His argument being that it could have been that way.
    Personally, I feel that’s stretching it a little too far, given the subject matter in his case.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. Even with the repositioning of the stiletto it’s still a great shot. Personally I don’t mind at all with photographers fiddling their photos, as long as they are honest about it and not trying to con people.

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