Cops on a hot tin roof

To safeguard Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to St Patrick’s Cathedral last Saturday, there were lots of cops posted not only on the streets, but also on rooftops along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

I don’t think these three cops would have caught my attention, had it not been for the title to this image popping into my head.  Titles of photographs and other art works have long fascinated me…I simply don’t think that “Untitled #41” cuts it, especially if you compare that to the clever and ingenious titles chosen for their works by the likes of Magritte, Klee, etc., which make me enjoy them that much more. They can make you see things you would never have thought of, and guide your understanding of why the artist did what he or she did.

“So what about your ‘Mia’ series, then?” you might rightfully ask.  Those titles were intentionally kept simple to restrain myself from getting to corny/carried away on the one hand, and on the other to make clear that each one is part of a series.

 PS: Just to clarify: I am in no way comparing myself (or my titles) to Magritte or Klee.


  1. Whenever I see NY cops it reminds me of various Hollywood movies… anyhow… I like this shot; great tones and a very urban composition.
    I agree with you too; if you’ve made all that effort to take a photo, process it, re-size and upload it to your blog, then it certainly deserves a title.

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