Mia is getting better and better at grabbing and reaching for things, and then bringing them up to her mouth. As soon as she figures crawling out, we’re going to be in biiig trouble….! Here she grabs a tight hold of Mommy’s hair, and releases it after a few moments.
After making this it into a diptych, I wondered: Am I crossing the boundary into capturing movement, something that is better done with video? Isn’t the art of photography supposed to capture the essence of the moment, even if it involves movement?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Brooklyn, NY.


  1. I like when movement is captured in ‘stop-motion’ frames. Altho it’s nice to have video and fluid favorites of my kids when they were young was when I captured them in you’ve done here. She’s a sweetheart. Lovely images!!!

  2. Look at that hair! What a cutie you have on your hands (and in your hair, hehe).
    I think the diptych works well but you better get some videos of this little sunshine too. 🙂

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