Urban Spirit

Ah yes, the urban spirit. It’s apparently 40% recession-proof.
As you can see, there’s a texture added here. Part of me still thinks they are a little bit of a cheat, since they provide a nice effect without a whole lot of work. However, that’s actually exactly what I have to be looking for, these days. Also, they have become a huge trend, and who am I to try and stem the tide?
There’s another example here.
Brooklyn, NY.


  1. It looks like the heavens are shining down upon the bottle! And I really like the texture… something I have to learn more about. Used right it really can add a lot to a photo and turn it into a little bit more of “art”.

  2. Gratulation eine herrvoragende Aufnahme. Das Bacardi Managemnet w├╝rde dir die Aufnahme sicher abkaufen, oder mindestens eine Flasche spendieren.

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