Here today, gone tomorrow?

When I noticed this homeless man at the same spot a few days in a row, I got curious about his daily routine and started to take pictures of him over a span of several weeks.  One day, he wasn't there, and that got me thinking…

 Obviously, there's been quite a lot of post-processing done here. I've tried to convey the "otherness" of his life experience.


  1. The post-procesing (whatever you did) made it very realistic actually. I really like it (the overall feel). Was it a low light condition when the images were exposed? He might be sitting still for you. I thought they are very sharp.

  2. I’m liking the green toning; gives the shot a definite ‘underground’ feeling. The shot manages to tell a story – well done…
    …and perhaps he moved coz he got fed-up with you taking pics of him each day 😉

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